About Nancy Couture

Photo Credit: Michelle Perez

Photo Credit: Michelle Perez

I’m Nancy Couture… that’s right, “Couture” actually IS my name!

With a name fit for fashion, I strive to live up to my namesake in both persona and in my aptitude for engineering timeless designs. I am a seamstress by trade, but dabble in a little bit of everything.  I’m an entrepreneur, designer, writer, pattern maker, illustrator, professional organizer. Ultimately, I’m an artist, seeking beauty and perfection in all things. I am often taking on a new project each week; jumping from crochet scarves, to painting, to sewing and crafting, and then somehow, taking on photographing and writing about the things that come out of my studio: where all the magic takes place.

Originally from Miami, I moved to Atlanta in 2010, back to the city where I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design and Marketing in 2005. Here, I created a company called Knot Couture with Erin Bohanon, owner of RCB Fashion. Its a clothing line specializing in Wedding attire for alternative couples. Our collaborated designs have been featured on Rock n Roll Bride and Off Beat Bride. In addition to Wedding Dresses, I have sewn everything from Vintage Dresses, Cos Play Costumes, Draperies, Bedding, Pet Kennel Covers, Irish Dance Dresses, Men’s Ties and Children’s Clothing. I have also created several pairs of hand illustrate canvas tennis shoes, which feature my original artwork. I even designed and wrote every article and page on this site.

I look forward to taking on unique and one-of-a-kind projects in the future, as well as collaborative works with local artists. Please contact me for custom apparel inquires, or with any questions about alterations/ sample development costs. Subscribe to my blog to follow my work; or to try taking on one of my DIY projects, follow me out on Facebook, YouTube or Pinterest!

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