Trunk or Treat!

Next Sunday Knot Couture will be featured at “Trunk or Treat”, a halloween event.  The event will be held at  Electric Body Art: 2100 Canton Road, Marietta, GA from 12-3. Basically everyone there will be asked to park their cars and the children will be going from ‘trunk to trunk’ collecting candy. Our table will be featuring KC’s bridal accessories such as headpieces and handbags as well as some cute pinup style panties. Anything that is not sold will most likely be featured in a local Atlanta boutique called Pin-up Girl! Costmetics.I will have more details on that later. For more information in the Trunk or Treat event visit the Facebook event page at the link below. If you can make it, look for the girls dressed as day of the dead brides.!/event.php?eid=155915204433382

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