Tressness Photography: Portfolio Sessions

Model Rachel Jones wearing dress Chastity Rose

Tress Ritter, one of our wondefully amazing photographers, is hosting a photo session featuring Knot Couture. The event will be in Dallas, GA- Sunday,  November 7th  2-6:30 pm. We have shot at this location before and loved the end results!

The photo to the right is an example of Tress’ work for Knot Couture. For those of you out of the loop, Knot Couture is a new alternative wedding dress line designed and constructed entirely by myself and my business partner, Erin Heinlein. For more information you can visit our website…. but not until Sunday because that’s when it launches! 🙂 ( We can’t WAIT to see the final result of the site! The majority of the photography on the site will be by provided by Tress, but we do have other photogs that I must credit as well! Kevin Voth ( and Mark Craig ( , you guys are also wonderful! MUAH Susan Osborne is definitely going places. And model Rachel Jones is on her way to becoming the face of Knot Couture! You will also see video footage and also much of the photography on our site by Dale Heinlein(  

For more information on the event, visit:

For more information and to view Tress’ work, here is a link to her site:

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