Knot Couture Reaches the Aussies!!!

Despite my recent marriage to Knot Couture, I have fallen in love yet again. His name is Google Analytics, and he whispers sweet nothings into my ear about how many people have stopped by to shop in our virtual store. Basically, you sign up at and enter your email address as well as the websites connected to it, then they give you a code to somewhere post into the coding of your site. I’m not exactly sure where it goes, but that’s what my IT guy is for :-).

With Google Analytics I can see a map of the world that is color coded depending on how many visits our store receives.  Also, we can see what the most popular items are by clicks/ views. There are graphs, pie charts and even flow charts- everything this Virgo gal could every ask for! It’s nice to just know that our store had so many visitors for it’s ‘Grand Opening’!

In other somewhat related news, ‘Crystal Dawn’ seems to be winning the hearts of so many (you can see a video of  ‘Crystal Dawn’ on the homepage of my website: Just this morning I had an email message from someone in Australia who is very interested in customizing that style. I’m looking forward to seeing our Google Analytics map including Australia tomorrow!


'Crystal Dawn'- Photo by Tressness Photography

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