Sewing ‘Couture’ Inspired Sneakers

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I’ve been getting so much positive feedback about my custom Vans, and I decided that it was time to make myself a pair! I purchased these shoes at Urban Outfitters and I have plastered them with an assortment of sewing supplies including a measuring tape ‘bow’, seam ripper, dress form and even a thimble. Since I am a stickler for not leaving too much white space, I filled in the gaps with safety pins and buttons. The one thing on the shoes that isn’t sewing related is the ‘stitched heart’ on the heel of the left shoe. This is because I like to sew a little felt heart into the items made for my Etsy shop, since everything listed is made with love. ♥

I have decided to keep them back and white, at least for now. Maybe once they get scuffed up a bit I’ll fill them in with color to liven them up! As for now, every step I take brings a smile to my face and I’m pretty cool with that. Hey, who wants shoes that show off their personality? I do! I do!

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