Paris on Ponce’s Exhibit at The Next Cool Event 2012

Here are the official photos from my recent project: a collaboration of talented individuals working towards one common goal. It was Paris on Ponce‘s exhibit for The Next Cool Event 2012.

Now, let me set the record straight and say that this exhibit not my vision or design. There is no possible way that one individual could have pulled this off. I was really honored to be brought on board and my creativity allowed to flow freely at times. To be able to construct a paper gown has always been a dream of mine one I gladly devoted hours and hours of my time to.

The end result was more amazing that I could have ever expected. The stares and gaping that the exhibit caused at the event was enough to make all that time and effort worth it. The experience of working with everyone as a team, and the inspiration that we instilled in each other will stay with me always. Below are some photos of the exhibit taken by the talented Christina Wedge. Enjoy!

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