Giant Georgia Teams Pennant Flags

Today I’m featuring one of my recent crafty projects. These pennant flags are about 3 x 5 feet and are currently hanging outside of a bar in Tucker, GA. I’m not sure of the name of the bar or the exact location.

I took the project because I was contacted by Heather, a representative for the television show ‘Bar Rescue’ on Spike TV. The are made with black, red and white material and felt. The letters are hand cut using home made stencils, and include the names of the major Georgia sports teams. For licensing purposes, we were not able to use the team logos. But, they look fabulous and will hopefully bring traffic into the bar since they can be seen from the road. Oh yeah, and they are double sided. Pretty awesome, huh!? Contact me and I’ll make you one, too. Or your husband. Lol.


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