Easter Basket becomes Toddler Tutu

This year was my daughters first time hunting for Easter eggs, and I wanted to have a super cute basket for her. I got this idea from a friend, who wanted me to help her make an Easter basket to use as a photo shoot prop. When it came to creating this unique basket, I thought it would be a super cool idea to make the tutu detachable, so it can be worn again after Easter! It was such a great concept, I decided to make one for my daughter as well. Here are some shots of my daughter hunting for eggs with her new basket, and her wearing the tutu after. I currently have the tutu available for sale in my Etsy shop.

This special skirt is made with baby blue tulle strips around an elastic band. There are pops of pink, yellow and blue as well. The waistband has a really unique touch: handmade tulle flowers! This skirt will be a great addition to your daughters dress up closet. It’s sure to make any girl feel like a princess!


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