Etsy: Designer Inspired Embellished Sunglasses

New this week in my shop: you will find two pairs of couture designer inspired sunglasses, embellished by yours truly. Guess who got stuck modeling them? Yup. The pictures turned out better than expected considering I had to operate the camera, too. Sans remote, I might add. Click the photos to see the full listings. Here are some of my favorite product shots:


IMG_8426These embroidered pair were inspired by Erica of Honestly WTF, who features a tutorial on how she did it. My process, although different- had a similar outcome. I added a little sparkle because, OF COURSE! I may have to bust out a couple more of these babies for myself.

IMG_8379The red beads on the temple of this pair are made of glass, and are further embellished with Swarovski crystals and gold glitter paint. The front has little multicolored polka dots. This pair is very similar to the ones I made myself, which I plan on featuring a DIY on very soon. I get TONS of compliments on them.




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