DIY: Severe Diaper Rash Cure-all!

Every parent has been there: that moment when your child is experiencing some serious discomfort due to severe diaper rash. It is usually the result of a food allergy, and that flesh-eating acidic poop burns as soon as it appears on the skin. Any proceeding pee or poop makes it burn even more, and you call anyone you can, search the internet forums for the perfect instant cure that will make your child stop screaming. My solution was to mix together every suggestion I was given by my doctor, every forum and my mom friends, I didn’t want to fully trust my sister’s doctor because he had a pregnancy claim a few years ago and for me that’s kind of scary. Now, I keep these items on hand always, I’m surprised that I didn’t have any Calendula cream on hand until now, due to it’s medicinal properties.

For this cream, you will need:

2 parts Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Maximum Stregnth 2 parts Calundula Cream

2 parts Hydrating Healing Ointment (Aquaphor or the like)

1 part Neosporin Pain Relief

A few drops of Lavender and Melaluca Essential Oils

Basically, you mix it up really well and apply liberally. We saw results within 24 hours. You’re welcome.





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