Knot Couture Gown Featured on Panayota ‘Glow’- Plus Interview!

Meet Pati, a very talented California-based singer/ songwriter. A few years ago, I designed a line of wedding dresses called Knot Couture. Pati and I met during a stint of time where both of us were hustling at a local Atlanta restaurant and were filled with ambition to pursue our true calling. I use to eat at the bar where she would set up shop for the night and discuss things that would inspire each of us. One day, she asked to take ‘Bambi’ (the name of this dress) on a little vacation to be featured on her album cover. This is the result:


Photo Credit: Ardean Peters

 When and why did you start singing?

Singing is something that I always did, quietly, around the house, when I was a child. I
loved to sing, but more than anything, I loved to write songs. I was a songwriter first. I
would write songs and record them with a tape recorder, then create the cover art for
the cassette. (for those who donʼt know what that is….google it. lol!)
I didnʼt seriously pursue singing until my mid 20ʼs. I was heavily into dance and felt
more comfortable expressing myself through movement. Singing just felt too personal
for me, but those who knew me well, knew that all I wanted to do was make an album. I just had to find the courage.

Is your family musical?

My mother would always listen to Greek music around the house. I would love to watch
her get lost in the songs she was listening to. My Father would casually play guitar and
sing. He sounded like an angel to me.

Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones?

I would listen to my fathers mix tapes and I fell in love with Del Shannonʼs “Run Away”. It is one of my favorite songs till this day. I love the oldies as the chord progressions and melodies are simple. I am a hopeless romantic, so “love songs” were it for me. I didnʼt mind having my heart broken often, as I just loved a bit of the misery that came with it. It just reminded me that I was alive and feeling something was better than feeling nothing. It would also give me the material I needed to write a song.

How do you balance your music with other obligations – mate, children, job?

I couldnʼt find balance for years, I wanted to start a family and, of course, paying bills
always gets in the way. It was making me anxious for a while. Then I gave myself
permission to take all the time I needed. I felt that if I just chipped away at the album,
gave it my heart when I had a piece to spare, eventually it would get done. It took 6
years to complete. But nonetheless, I did it. The journey was worth it. Its through this
journey that I met my husband “producer of the album,” and eventually it led us to our wonderful energetic toddler.

Listen to her beautiful voice:

To order her album, or for more info visit the following pages:

GLOW on iTunes

GLOW on Apple Music

Panayota Music on Facebook


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