New Studio Space Coming Soon!


For years now I’ve wished for a workroom of my very own. I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill craft room. I’m talking about a REAL exterior work space, like a studio or small warehouse I could sublet into.

Over the last few years I’ve experienced some major life changes;  purchasing  my first home at 9 months pregnant was one of them. Fast forward 5 years and I can finally say that I feel like I’ve settled into it. Due to being a single work at home mom, my job title has morphed into something of a ‘creative director’ of my business. I contract independently for at least 6 different clients, each having various bursts of ‘busy seasons’ throughout the year. Often my contracts are sewing related, sometimes I’m designing and creating innovative displays. Since I am able to create my own schedule, you will often  see me waking up at 3 am and sewing a full workday before my child wakes up, and going to work a second full workday with another client. It’s not ideal, but every business has to go through it’s growing pains. I have to be grateful for my schedule because everyday for me is ‘bring your child to work day’. I have been unable to expand (hire employees) due to the nature of my work schedule, but have been taking baby steps  to get there- the first MAJOR step is finding a studio space.

Now, it happened by accident. I wasn’t looking for a space, but I was Googling and looking for a place on route to a job to service my machine. I decided to take Kenny (The Kenmore) to the Red Hen Stitch Shop to get serviced by Andi Bailey of Atlanta NW Sewing Machine Repair. She was very helpful on the phone and her customer service won me over. I walked in to find a green haired woman behind the counter of  the cutest little quilt store I have ever seen. Somehow, my lack of studio space came up in conversation, and so…..

Long story short I’ve been offered the opportunity to set up my workroom THERE.

I’m a bit shocked that it all happened the way it did, but sometimes opportunities for symbiotic business relationships can be the first step to creating something really amazing. I read all about Andi and Brie, and how they set up shop and I have to say I feel very inspired by their combined mad quilting skills. Andi has a knack for repairing and restoring vintage machines. I HIGHLY recommend you make an appointment to get your machine serviced with her. Brie runs the Instagram account and website from home. I hope to meet her very soon.

Anyway, this is a REALLY BIG step for my business, and I’m so very excited for this opportunity! The plan is to start transitioning there in October and I’ll be seeing clients by appointment only. Contact me today to schedule your appointment.


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