Who Says You Can’t Put Denim On A Wedding Dress?

Model Robin Moss contacted me this past summer and convinced me to make her a wedding dress for a photo shoot she was organizing. Robin has modeled for me in the past for a Knot Couture shoot. As it turns out, it so happened to be with a photographer I’ve worked with in the past. His name is Kevin Voth, and he has contributed his talent to Knot Couture’s archives several times. He captured some great shots of Robin, and as always, I’m very happy with the results.

Model Robin Moss having her hair and makeup done.

Hair piece, handmade silk flowers with pearl and crystal accents.

A beautiful shot by Kevin.

Let me begin with the inspiration for the dress. Robin told me she wanted something flowy, so she can ride a horse in it . I decided to keep the design simple, and add an element to it that would suit this cowgirl’s style: denim. I know this was going to require a little work, as far a fabric manipulation to get it to look more elegant. I added a lace overlay and cut out the negative space. I then beaded over the lace with gold and rose gold bugle beads and gold glass pearls. The skirt was tulle  and the body of the dress is made from silk dupioni. The sash is detachable and is made out of silk georgette.

Robin riding Pistol. He was a little camera shy.

Robin and Pistol, my favorite photo.

Model: Robin Moss

Photographer: Kevin Voth

MUAH: Nancy Couture

I managed to capture Kevin's elbow in this shot.

Details, details, details.

One response to “Who Says You Can’t Put Denim On A Wedding Dress?

  1. I read Denim?! I had to see it. Outcome is perfection. You took a material normally known as casualware and totally non wedding, or at least I thought. It is sooooo gorgeous.

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