The Next Cool Event 2012

Tonight is a very important event for the film industry here in Atlanta. It’s called The Next Cool Event, and I will be attending the event with Paris on Ponce, a 46,00 square foot antique store in the heart of midtown. They showcase art, antiques, furnishings, ateliers, boutiques and the most amazing event space- Le Maison Rouge. In addition to all of the wonderful things that they offer, they provide prop rental for individuals or companies seeking to fill a space for events,  display or films.

All the exhibits at this event are movie themed, and PoP has chosen ‘Marie Antoinette’.  But, if you know anyone at Paris on Ponce, then you know how nuts those people are. That must be the reason why I fit in so well with them! They opted to create the entire display out of paper or paper products, including her gown and her giant curly wig, which is being carried off by corrugated cardboard die-cut bees as she is “bee-headed”. They asked me to assist in the creation of the paper gown, which was a vision that required hours and hours of thought and labor from Nicolette Valdespino (Pop’s manager) and myself. You can see the rendering sketch of all the exhibits for The Next Cool Event 2012 in the video below, including Nicolette’s sketch of the exhibit..

They also (very sweetly) credited my work on the signage and submitted it to Oz Magazine’s feature of the event! I’m stoked, since it’s the first time I’ve ever been published!

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