DIY Rose Bouquet Tutorial


Have you ever had your mother tell you to make her something for Mother’s Day? I have! And, I agree that heartfelt, handmade gifts are the best! This year, I am making some eternal flowers for the special mothers in my life. Not everyone gets a bouquet, I am also making some magnets and wall hangings! I’ve been really inspired lately to make many different kinds of fabric blooms. These two are the only ones I have so far, and I really want to experiment with making some over-sized ones for my walls. But I’ll experiment more on that later.

Here are the supplies you would need to make your bouquet:

Floral Wire (pre cut)
Green pipe cleaners
Felt (any color) for flower
Green felt for stems
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

I’ve made a quick you tube video to explain how I made these roses, since I learn better from being shown in videos then to read a long explanation.

I’ve been staying up late these last couple nights making these, all with the intention of having the proper technique I needed to make this video tutorial. It is the first of many, as I intend to publish videos more often. Was it helpful? Should I make more videos like this?

As I explained in the video, I used another flower in my bouquet. I did save the tutorial from How Joyful on my Pinterest. I downloaded the pattern straight from her site. I do prefer to sew them, but I did glue them for this project.

I would love to experiment with making Dahlias and Gerber Daisies. I’ve seen these bouquets used for weddings, too. I also really like the idea of making them a bunch of different colors.

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