Repurpose Clutch Eyeshadow Palette DIY


wallet eyeshadow

If you are anything like this girly girl, than you also happen to have over a dozen makeup compacts containing a couple eyeshadows each. When my caboodle wouldn’t close anymore, I knew it was time to de-clutter. I didn’t want to throw away any of the lesser used ones, because let’s face it, there will always be that moment where I just happen to need that color I barely use.

The idea for this project was something I found on Pinterest, and I knew I had the supplies, so one day, as I was setting to do my friend Sandy’s hair, I put her hands to work.


Clutch Purse, any size

Xacto Knife

Elmers Glue

Several Eyeshadows, any style or brand


20140407-004339.jpg  20140407-004322.jpg

Step 1: Remove the wallet innards, you don’t need them. Sandy used the Xacto knife to cut them out.

Step 2: Remove the eyeshadows from their original cases, also using the xacto knife. Be careful not to break any of the eyeshadows. This happened to us a couple of times, and it got messy. I also used a couple of creme lipsticks in my palette, as well as a creme blush and powder blush. Note: You may need to warm up the glue with a hairdryer if the eyeshadows are stubborn.




Step 3: Arrange the eyeshadows in the wallet. Try to fit as many in there as you can. You can arrange them by color if you wish, I just arranged them randomly. Feel free to use another glue; I trust any craft glue for this.

Step 4: Throw away all your empty containers and ENJOY!

20140407-004157.jpg  20140407-000517.jpg

Easy, right? It really was! And this is only about a quarter of what I threw away.








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