Cassia-Flo-Couture Collab. Artistic Photo Shoot

So, first things first, let me just say that I have been looking forward to working with Cassia Gold and FLO for a long time. What I love the most about this duo is the fact that (like me) they each possess a boatload of skills that are better utilized as a team. Cassia is a Spoken Word Poet, Fashion Designer, Expert Seamstress, Personal Stylist and FLO is an MC, Performer, Host, Singer, Artist and Photographer. Me? I dabble in all things crafty- but making pretty things isn’t limited to just clothing and accessories. For this shoot- I actually gathered up the courage to pick up my own camera- which I generally use for the sake of upping my Etsy listings photo quality. This time- I was just upping my game a little bit.

I was able to gather up some behind the scenes pictures for you to enjoy so you can get to know the glam squad a little better. Here is LaTonia Freeman- Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist extraordinaire. She was the first to arrive and came with a directors chair and amazing circular light in tow. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of her doing her thing, but she never stopped moving. She was so animated and lively- and even though this photo of her is blurry- it’s my favorite picture of her since it seems to capture her essence.


I mean seriously, gorgeous right? Here is another candid shot during makeup. I couldn’t resist posting this because it made me laugh so much. I don’t think Veronica planned that face- it’s priceless.


To say she was a natural in front of the camera is an understatement. She was referred to by FLO as a ‘ Super Hero Supermodel’. Yes, she had to endure having her makeup done- but anyone who has worn false lashes will tell you that it isn’t all that glamorous.


Ripping them off is no joke, either. Not to mention the extra pound of hair that was braided into her hair. THAT”S gonna be fun to take out.


Then we had to torture her some more by laying a crystal mask across her eyelashes.She had a good 30 minutes where she couldn’t blink or else her lashes would get stuck.

kezia edit 1

Talk about getting poked and prodded. Cassia here is making sure everything looks perfect by tucking in her crystal veil.


Flo is building up his photography portfolio- so I took several candid shots of him in action. This one is my favorite, because super Veronica is looking at me.


I mean, I asked her to climb onto the rafter of this abandoned structure, in a full length silk gown.


Being barefoot makes it bearable, I suppose. I would have had a heart attack if she was up there in heels, although I’m sure she wouldn’t so much as snag the dress. Here is Cassia giving her some more direction. Below, you can see us holding up a makeshift dressing room for her. Being able to do a clothing change in public is by far her best super power. She’s a trooper – I’ve gotta say. I didn’t even mention the hike we needed to take down to the location.









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