Artistic Editorials from #cassiaFLOcouture Photo Shoot

You may have already seen the behind the scenes pictures from last weeks shoot with FLO and Cassia from Paraclete Couture. FLO and I have some final edits to share with you. I’m grateful to have worked with an amazingly creative team of individuals of many talents. I’m even more grateful for the chance to get some awesome editorial-type shots of my work. These items will be making their way into my Etsy shop later this week, in case you were wondering.

Photography: Ric FLO (Instagram)

Photographer*/ Designer: Nancy Couture (Instagram FACEBOOK Twitter PINTEREST) *watermarked photos only

Designer/ Stylist: Cassia Gold (Instagram FACEBOOK Twitter PINTEREST Shop

MUAH: LaTonia Freeman (Instagram FACEBOOK Twitter)

Model: Veronica Mora (Instagram FACEBOOK)

CLOTHING: Triangle Earrings/Wristbands: Paraclete Couture Belt/ Gloves/ Neck Embellishment/ Stud Earrings/ Heels: Cassia Gold Personal Collection (vintage) Frilly Neck Gown/ Butterfly Skirt/ Leather Bustier/ Black Crystal Veil: Nancy Couture

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